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touchdown wheels logo-brushed silver

TOUCHDOWN WHEELS was established in 2008,this is the period that China was facing industrial transformation. Steve Liang, a Taiwanese young man who loves cars and has a tasteful lifestyle, believes that the wheels are not only driving parts of a car, but also reflect car owner’s personality and style. With this idea, Steve has brought the spirit of diversification and fashion which never belonged to the traditional wheel industry into his new brand, Touchdown.    In additional to make drivers  enjoy  the  fun  of  car modification, Steve has made a lot of efforts on quality, design, price and time-to-market of his wheel products.

Touchdown headquarter is based in China ,and has been co-working with worldwide partners to sell wheel products in numerous countries, including USA, Japan, Korea,  China,  Thailand,  Malaysia,  Philippines, Indonesia etc. In order to fulfill the  demand  of  diversified  markets, Touchdown has integrated various opinions and fashion styles, and then provided distinguished product lines to different regions. During the production process,  there  is  one  thing  never change: Touchdown always insists on the details and sense towards each product.

Touchdown is definitely a brand with young,  foresight  and  sense. Touchdown is considered himself as an advocate  of  popularity  since  its establishment. it is believed that the perfect combination of power and style can arouse the primitive desire of drivers to dominate and enjoy every moment of spending time with their beloved cars.


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